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Spectacle Desafío Medieval

Spectacle Desafío Medieval


Menú estilo medieval

Snacks , Sopa de Verduras, Pollo Asado, Costillas de Cerdo Asadas, Patatas Asadas , Sangría, Cerveza y Naranjada , Pan, Helados

Disponemos de menús especiales para Celiacos y Vegetarianos. Es necesario avisar al entrar al Castillo para comunicarlo en Cocina ·
What does it include?
- Medieval style dinner and drink
- Spectacular with Jousting, tournaments, etc. Duration 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)
- Show commentary alternates between English and Spanish ·

Spectacle Timetable

The show is at 21:00hr, guests with a VIP pass can enter from 19:30

* You have to pick your tickets up the day of the show, at least an hour before the show starts. The spectacle always starts punctually. People that arrive late will be able to enter if they wish. Bookings are kept until 21:00. The company may have any reservations that do not take effect until 21: 00h ·
The room is covered and air conditioned. We have a special area with wheel chair access. You need to inform us beforehand. In the entrance to the castle, you can find the souvenirs shop.

* There is no cloakroom. We do not allow pets. It’s prohibited to smoke in the room. We prohibit the entrance of video cameras, cameras and recorders. ·